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Heartland Pugs


Meet Our Family

To my fur babies,

"Missing you is my hobby.  Caring for you is my job.  

Making you happy is my duty.  Loving you is my life!'  

Love Your Pug Mama!😘

White Female Pug

💜(AKC Registered) 💜 Promise is our first white pug. She arrived from Texas on Feb 21, 2018.  She was 9 months old.  Promise is very shy with new people and experiences.  However, don't let that fool ya!  She is full of spirit and loves to clown around.  The first two days she just watched but boy did that change!  She loves to play chase with the other dogs and she has brought in every toy my mastiff ever hid outside.  I believe she has uncovered all of his stashes.  Promise is a daddy's girl and and her daddy can do no wrong.  She has become the wise matriarch of the house.  We love her and she is the presence of comfort and sanity among all the insanity in this world!

Silver Female Pug

Atlanta was born January  29th, 2020.  That is the day the adventure begun!  We call her "our evil genius" and she amazes us on a daily basis of the mischief that is possible by one little dog!  The problem is we are laughing as she continues on her mission to show that not only people can be possessed by demons.   At the end of the day of following her around and trying to manage whatever she thinks to do next; her inner demon gets tired.  Then she turns into the best cuddler and just melts our hearts.  The demon sleeps and Atlanta becomes the sweetest most loving little angel anyone would feel blessed to love.  Without her our life would be very boring and we adore everything about her, even her demon!

Chocolate Male Pug

💜 (AKC/CKC registered) 💜  Reeses was 2 years old when he joined our family in September 2020.  He is a beautiful rare chocolate pug.  Reeses is named after my husband's, james, favorite chocolate candy.  If fits him perfectly since he has picked James to be his person.  He adores my husband and has become James's shadow.  James developed a very special bond with him from the 1st day he joined our family.  They are two peas in a pod!  Reeses gets so excited when sees James that he drops to his belly on the floor and does the cutest army crawl into my husbands waiting arms.  His hind legs stretch out straight behind him and uses his front legs to pull himself along.  That is just one example of his very special personality.  We absolutely adore him and can't wait to see the beautiful puppies he will produce! 

Romeo (Retired)
Brindle Male Pug

Romeo is our original Stud.  He is 8 1/2 years old now and has been neutered and retired .  Unfortunately, my little boy had to have his eye removed at the same time he was neutered due to problem with his tear duct.  He hasn't let it change him.  He's still the boss and big boy of the house!  He has managed to become even more adorable and he definitely works it to his advantage.  My Romeo has produced many beautiful puppies but now all he has to worry about is curling up with me and binge watching Netflix.  He has been perfectly happy to pass the torch to his new buddy, Reeeses.

Apricot Male Mastiff 

Beastie is our honorary pug and pug nanny!  Beastie has been with his pug buddies since the day he was born.  Beastie just celebrated his 9th birthday Oct. 31st, 2020!  I'm hoping for another 9 wonderful years with my boy even tho mastiffs usually only live 10 to 12 years.   He is our 200 pound pug nanny.  Beastie is a pug magnet!  He has never met a pug that doesn't absolutely adore him.  They enjoy climbing onto his back and hang off his lips and ears.  Beastie handles it all with endless patience and love.   He is responsible for playing and socializing every pug puppy that is born here.  He protects the adult pugs every day.    Our family would not be complete without him.

We provide our own shipping of our beautiful pug puppies at a very reasonable rate or you may pick you pug puppy up in person.  We deliver to Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska & Iowa.  Contact me for details by clicking on the buttons on top of each page.